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AGC Changes Up Member Outreach & Also Organizes Nationwide Stand Down to Highlight Safety Measures

April 28, 2020 Maury Tobin
The ATM Podcast
AGC Changes Up Member Outreach & Also Organizes Nationwide Stand Down to Highlight Safety Measures
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Scientists and economists have long observed that intelligence requires the ability to respond to change. This could not be more evident for leaders, businesses and industry groups than it is today.

“We’ve been really changing our model in terms of how we cut through the clutter and communicate with our members,” says Brian Turmail, Vice President of Public Affairs & Strategic Initiatives of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

This ATM podcast explores topics spanning the need for long-term infrastructure investment and recovery legislation, to how less traffic on roads makes this a good time to improve transportation infrastructure and modernize a system that could help improve the public’s health and safety.

As Turmail works from home, he pointed to regular COVID-19 updates, video conferencing and podcast staff presentations that are shared with members as trending communications methods. AGC is also hosting webinars with record attendance on issues such as how to protect workers or exploring “force majeure,” a common contract clause and legal issue surrounding unforeseeable events.

To keep its pulse on what AGC members are dealing with during this global emergency, the association surveyed its members and learned that they have been affected by job cancellations, layoffs and/or shortages of equipment and materials. It also urged Congress to add more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. AGC is the heavyweight trade and advocacy organization for the construction industry and a key infrastructure-investment proponent. It represents more than 27,000 firms, and over 10,500 service providers and suppliers are also associated with AGC.

But the association’s inventive ways to rework advocacy and communications have extended beyond video calls, legal insight and reaching out to lawmakers. In a symbolic and high-visibility action on the same day and at the same time a few weeks ago, more than 31,000 workers and 500 contracting companies all stopped what they were doing to send a message to America that as they help regional economies press forward and work on projects that benefit people and communities, safety is their priority.

Men and women from varying companies took part in a Nationwide Safety Stand Down to reinforce that they know and follow Coronavirus-related safety procedures and requirements. Photos of workers in masks, gloves, while social distancing or in briefings with supervisors were shared from across the nation and from job sites or participating companies in Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, for example.“If there is any industry that can operate safely during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s the construction industry,” explained Turmail. Employees in the construction trades already deal with a litany of health and safety regulations, and have been quick adapters regarding COVID-19 practices.

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